About Natrio

Natrio is a global company specializing in the import and distribution of high volume, dry chemicals, efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. We are the world’s largest distributor of natural soda ash from our partner ANSAC (American Natural Soda Ash Corporation). We are recognized globally for our high levels of service, security of supply, credibility, integrity and regard for the environment.

Efficiency, professionalism and innovation drive Natrio as a group and these pillars have been integral to upholding our success over our long history.


Natrio’s mission is to provide sustainable products and integrated services, supplying a range of high volume dry chemicals and logistics solutions that deliver value through reliability, quality, efficiency, support and expertise.

At Natrio we have a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility, and to the safety of all the people we interact with.


Natrio is dedicated to investing in our people and infrastructure to support our customers growing demands.

Our recent expansion includes two new facilities in Geelong and Adelaide, Australia, which have increased our Asia Pacific storage capacity by 30%.

These state-of-the-art facilities will provide the most efficient logistical solutions for our customer


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Natrio’s major markets include the glass manufacturing, detergent and mining sectors.

We believe in partnering with customers to provide tailored, quality and efficient service.


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→ Central America
→ South America
→ Australia
→ Eastern Europe (CIS)
→ China


Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all that we do.


We are highly competitive and efficient at all of our international locations.


We are inspired by innovation, embracing new technology to encourage greater efficiencies.


Our key advantage lies in our many of developing teams of skilled, qualified and experienced professionals in all levels of the business.

New name to correspond with global presence

Natrio’s origin began in Brazil in 1976, and expanded over the next 40 years across the globe to become a well-recognized supplier of sustainable products and integrated services.

In Brazil, Natrio was a pioneer in investing in warehousing capacity, port infrastructure and material handling equipment. Natrio expanded its warehouse and port operations across the coastal regions of Brazil lowering the delivered costs to the Brazilian consumers. In addition, with a focus on the efficiency of the operations, quality of the product and service and respect for the environment, we were a leader in investing in environmentally friendly material handling equipment and specialty purpose warehouse facilities.

In 2005, Natrio, ventured into Eastern Europe where it developed ports in the Baltics to serve the Russian, Belarus and Ukrainian market. Later, in 2009, Natrio expanded into South America, becoming Colombia’s largest soda ash distributor and expanding further to Central America supplying smaller countries too.

In 2010 Natrio established itself in Australia and in 2012 it partnered with the local synthetic soda ash manufacturer. Natrio seamlessly transitioned Australia’s soda ash market into a full import model.

Lastly, in 2014, Natrio’s growth set up a Chinese trading company to source different chemicals from Asia to the group’s clients in its key markets.

In 2017, the company launched the global brand, named Natrio, as part of bringing the global businesses closer together and to send a clear, consistent message to the market about the value of the Natrio business.

The word Natrio is derived from the Latin word for sodium. It reinforces the Group’s international focus and ability to provide services anywhere in the world. To add further depth, the ‘trio’ refers to the overarching trio of services – sourcing, supply and logistical solutions.

Our Beginnings

Natrio as a global group has been working in logistics operations and dry bulk chemicals/raw materials supply chain management for more than 40 years

  • 1976

    Natrio initially began trading in Brazil in 1976, recently under the name SCS. It pioneered the development of state of the art solutions for the distribution of soda ash, and expanded port operations throughout northeast and southeast regions with great efficiency.

  • 2006
    Russia, Ukraine
    and CIS Countries

    Natrio’s European presence started in 2006 in Russia as SASS Europe. This arm of Natrio predominately services Eastern Europe.

  • 2009

    In Colombia, Natrio was originally known as Sodaquimicos de Colombia (SQC). Established in 2009, it became the leader in soda ash distribution.

  • 2010

    Natrio Australia was established in 2010 and was originally known as SASS Victoria, and incorporated as Pro Asia Pacific in 2013. Natrio is the largest distributor of soda ash in Australia with facilities in every state.

  • 2014

    The Chinese arm of the business was incorporated in 2014 as Global-Pacific Partners, and is a purchasing and trading office, further growing the group into different markets in the vast Asian markets.

Jebsens Logisticsn

Date: 2nd December 2019

Natrio Australia is excited to announce that it has Purchased Jebsens Logistics Services (JLS). JLS is an Australian logistics service provider with facilities in Adelaide South Australia, Devonport Tasmania, and Portland Victoria.

JLS was formally part of the Global Jebsens shipping group and are bulk handling specialists focused on agricultural and Industrial products including fertilizer, grain, and feed.

JLS and Natrio have worked as complimentary businesses over many years, and both businesses have agreed that combining the businesses will offer benefits to all parties including our combined customer and supplier base.

Natrio has a vision to invest and grow the combined business.

Natrio has recognised the strength and value of the people in Jebsens and as a result all existing Jebsens staff are being offered employment in the new Natrio Logistics.

The synergies across the bulk handling teams will improve and diversify our service offering to our customer base, and we look forward to discussing this further with all our valued clients.