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Friday Freight Forwarding Case Study

What’s different about Natrio’s Global Logistics & Freight Forwarding service?

We asked Natrio’s National Manager of Global Logistics Mark Bramich that question to find out.

“I was asked recently ‘what is your main point of difference, and don’t say superior customer service as everyone says that’. This challenged me to really narrow down what it is that I strongly believe we offer that gives us something unique that potential customers will truly appreciate and current customers already do. Reliable access to allocation on every scheduled vessel from every Port of Loading to every Port of Destination at ultra competitive prices.

On the back of this, and yes of course superior customer service also, we have secured some trial shipments with several household names in the Australian market who are prepared to let us prove our point of difference.”

The scenario

One such example of this came about after a call from a customer a few weeks back whose current long standing logistics solution had ground to a halt.

We jumped in, worked hard, burnt a little midnight oil and now have 90 x 20’ containers on the water across three carriers coming into most states of Australia including Tassie from the far away land of Portugal.

Happy customer and happy team at Natrio. 

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If you would like to have a chat with us on how we may also assist your supply chain and logistics functions please reach out. If nothing else, we’re more than happy to sanity check your current processes. Get the global logistics solution you need, with the service and pricing you deserve.


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freight forwarding case study