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Natrio has been a reliable global leader in the sourcing, storage and transportation of bulk products for over 40 years. From our origins in Brazil to Colombia and Australia, our international supply chain handles two million tonnes of product annually through our global warehousing network that has a capacity of 550,000 tonnes.

Natrio Asia Pacific handles in excess of 850,000 tonnes of product yearly, moves 8,000 containers and has a regional storage capacity of 250,000 tonnes. Our storage network ensures efficient turnover and high quality service.

Experience a reliable, agile and personalised end-to-end service with Natrio.

Our logistics cover a range of products, soda ash, quicklime, sodium bicarbonate, feldspare, alumina, limestone, fertiliser, grain, soybean meal, sand and cementitious products.

We support key industries, including glass manufacturing, mining, cement, fertilizer, feed, mineral processing, manufacturing and water treatment. Our comprehensive services includes product sourcing, sea freight shipping, storage and handling, freight forwarding and transport solutions.

Natrio has invested over $100 million in Australia, ensuring industry leading facilities and equipment. With a dedicated team, we handle approximately 100 daily deliveries and handle over 850,000 tonnes annually. Trust Natrio, for reliable, agile, personalised bulk product solutions.

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