Sodium Bicarbonate

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Sodium Bicarbonate Supply in Australia.

Bicarb Supply Surety

Natrio is a supplier of high-quality sodium bicarbonate (“bicarb”) from Singapore. Our bicarb is sourced from a reputable manufacturer with exceptional quality control, ensuring a superior product.

At Natrio, we know supply surety is critical for your production schedules, so we have gone to great lengths to ensure Natrio’s bicarb is readily available on the ground in Geelong, with warehousing in every state for easy and efficient delivery. With Natrio’s ability to restock Sodium Bicarbonate quickly, you can be confident that supply will be available when needed.

Getting the best bicarb for your industry

At Natrio, we understand that different industries have different needs for bicarb.
We offer four grades for feed, food, tech, and pharma use.

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Natrio’s feed-grade sodium bicarbonate is ideal for maintaining livestock health and improving feed quality.

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Our bicarb is perfect for maintaining the correct pH levels of your baked goods and drinks, ensuring high-quality products every time.

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Water treatment bicarb is a perfect solution for water treatment, keeping your water safe and clean.

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We also supply pharmaceutical-grade bicarb, which is ideal for meeting the quality needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

We know supply surety and quality are critical for your production schedules.

Partnering with our qualified Asia-Pacific suppliers, Bicarbonate is supplied and stored locally in Australia in 1t bulk and 25kg bags. NaHCO3 levels between 99.5% – 100% are packed with double-lined material and stored in closed, safe spaces away from moisture exposure.

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