We specialise in the handling of high quality products, and are a key partner of ANSAC in the United States of America.


Being the largest supplier of soda ash to the Australian and South Pacific markets, Natrio can continually turnover inventory, ensuring our product is of consistent quality and avoids any potential issues associated with long term warehousing of bulk chemicals.


In order to maintain the highest levels of quality we operate dedicated logistics and loading facilities, together with quality vessels that adhere to our strict compliance and cleanliness requirements.


NATA accredited laboratory conducting quarterly independent testing samples from each warehouse, certificate of analysis provided for shipments, and standardized sampling method for quality confirmation at each warehouse.


Daily samples are retained for 30 days at each warehouse. Further checks include magnetic screen systems on bagging units, SAP implemented across all warehouses and a fully documented and audited stock count process with laser scans undertaken annually in all warehouses.