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Natrio provides superior warehouse logistics and storage for bulk commodities.

We provide customised storage and inventory management systems globally as our worldwide network of warehouses can store over 300,000 tonnes of bulk products. Within each region, our national footprint means we are able to service our customer base from multiple locations. This ensures security of supply nationally to these regions and reinforced stability for our customers.

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Bulk Warehousing

Natrio handles 1.5 million tonnes of bulk product every year across our global warehousing network. We’re built to handle bulk.

We source, store and transport dry chemicals, grain, fertiliser and agriculture products. Our strategically located sites give us a competitive edge to dispatch and receive product by road, rail or sea.

Stock Management

We manage more than 1.5 million tonnes of diverse products across numerous service and industry sectors.

  • Customised warehousing
  • Inventory management systems
  • Full stock management

Loading Out

Quick and effective solutions for transporting product. We ensure requirements are met, hassle-free

  •  24/7 load out capacity in all weather conditions
  • Specialised fleet of vehicles
  • Integrated monitoring systems

Discharging Bulk

Our experienced team understands the demands of importing and exporting both small and large parcels of bulk products through various load and discharge systems. Our integrated bulk cargo service solution incorporates stevedoring, transport and storage of bulk products.

We have extensive experience with the specific handling characteristics of bulk products. This means we can be trusted to implement best practice methodologies in Australian bulk cargo service delivery, resulting in real benefits to our customers.


We offer tailored packaging solutions to suit our customer’s requirements. This includes bulk delivery (pneumatic and tipper trucks), bulk containers (liners and top-loading), Briquettes, and 15kg, 25kg, 1,000kg and 1,200kg bags.

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